Digging Deeper into Ranch Management

Digging Deeper into Holistic Management: A Next-Step School with Joshua & Tara Dukart Whether you are new to HM or well-seasoned in managing your resources, finances, & relationships using HM principles, this school is designed with you in mind. Joshua &...

HRM Workshop 2021

WHAT: You are invited to join Randy Holmquist & Ralph Tate for six days IN PERSON; exploring the depths of Holistic Management, to understand how it can revolutionize your farm/ranch operations. 2021 HM workshop brochure The first two days are spent understanding...

Grazing School Brochures 2020

Grazing School Brochure for Wall School, August 25th – 27th 2020-SDGC Wall Grazing School Brochure Rooms reserved at Ann`s Motel, Wall, SD (605) 279-2501 and Econo Lodge (605) 515-3856  

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