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Digging Deeper into Ranch Management

Digging Deeper into Holistic Management: A Next-Step School with Joshua & Tara Dukart

Whether you are new to HM or well-seasoned in managing your resources, finances, & relationships using HM principles, this school is designed with you in mind.

Joshua & Tara Dukart of Seek First Ranch in western North Dakota believe ranchers, farmers & other ag professionals have a unique ability to simultaneously & synergistically regenerate soils, build healthy profits & achieve their desired Quality of Life & relationships.

What’s your vision for 2021? Are you interested in becoming more effective with your time, energy & resources? Are there any barriers that are currently hindering your success? Is there someone in your family or operation who could benefit from joining you and us in this supportive HM learning community?

Come take your next steps in Holistic Management with us.

Event Flyer HRM Feb 2021

Faith Legion Hall

February 3-5, 2021

10 am – 5 pm

Space is Limited, Register Soon!

Partially funded from the National Grazing Lands Coalition (NatGLC) as part of an USDA-NRCS Collaborative Agreement













HRM Workshop 2021

WHAT: You are invited to join Randy Holmquist & Ralph Tate for six days IN PERSON; exploring the depths of Holistic Management, to understand how it can revolutionize your farm/ranch operations. 2021 HM workshop brochure

The first two days are spent understanding the fundamentals of Holistic Management, with time to write, review or revise your holistic goal (worksheet included). The second two days focus on financial planning (software included), helping you develop a financial plan that works for you!  The final two days focus on grazing planning (software available at a discount), helping you develop a grazing plan for your operation that you can put into practice in 2021.  These are designed to be fun and interactive sessions, so nobody gets left out and everyone gets their questions answered!!  This week is a perfect opportunity to re-energize the most important resource on your farm/ranch – You!

WHERE: Blarney’s Sportsbar & Grill

2100 Highland Way

Mitchell, SD  57301






Holistic Management Immersion Workshop 25 – 30 January 2021 $750.00; Includes HM Handbook and Financial Software $100.00 by Monday,

January 11, 2021



Family has a special place in Holistic Management, so there is a special discount for spouses and family members!  Members of your immediate family or farm/ranch employees can participate for the entire week for an additional $300.00 each.


Maybe it has been a while since you have taken a Holistic Management class and you just want a refresher.  Good news!  If you have taken any one of these courses from either Randy or Ralph before, there are special discounts for you as well!  If you can’t attend the whole week, come for the sessions that you can!


NOTE:       A minimum enrollment number will be required to cover basic expenses. Registration discounts may be available after minimum enrollment is reached.


NOTE:       Workshop will begin at 8:00 AM and conclude by 5:00 PM each day. Lunch, break food and drinks for each day are included.



Holistic management decision making concepts were developed by while reducing operating costs. If you are interested in revolutionizing your production systems and enhancing your life, this is for you Alan Savory and have been practiced and proven worldwide. Proper application of HM principles will enhance the health of your land and increase productivity!



Randy Holmquist is a Certified Holistic Management Educator and 3rd generation grazier in South Dakota.

Ralph Tate is a Certified Holistic Management Educator and grazier. Ralph transitioned the Holistic Management Grazing Plan into a software program to make it easier to use.  The software has been purchased by farmers/ranchers from 35 states and 15 countries on 6 continents.




Bob Shields—phone (308) 379-1361 or email


Click below for the registration form:

2021 HM workshop brochure


Grazing plan resources and reasons.

Why focus on prairie grassland improvements. By improvements I mean increasing the health of the soil, which in turn, increases the health and vigor of your plants. While hopefully, reintegrating warm season, native grass improved plant diversity or increasing plant density. The increased plant diversity helps our insect and bird populations. With more healthy plants more carbon is absorbed and taken down into the health soil and root systems, happening in the dynamic and alive soil. Alive with microbes, and fungi, all sorts of invisible and scientific words for that invisible world that does so much. The improved grassland helps with the relationship between the land and water. Increasing the utilization of rain, less run off and negative impacts of flooding.

Develop a grazing plan. A resource from Dan Rasmussen our SDGC Educator includes this example of a grazing plan, (GrazeChart33Ranch’20 – May 22 2020 – 11-22 AM) and forms are available at the International Holistic Management website, Free downloads from Holistic Management International are also available, click here. Start by looking at what you have for acres and pastures. In addition to a paper record, I like to use Pasture Map, it is on my phone, and I usually have that with me so I can make notes and take pictures. Once I had my inventory of pastures. I kept an eye on how things looked this Spring. I was also aware of not wanting to graze the exact same time of the year. For the brome and crested wheat I had, I wanted to utilize that early and give the pastures with more native/warm season plants a bit longer to grow in. I had a pasture with a lot of wet soaked ground, so I didn’t start with that. I made these decisions with Area Rangeland Management Specialist Lealand Schoon with NRCS offering ideas and suggestions.

I’m just a few years into this. A SDGC Mentor, Pat Guptill, current board member, came out in 2016 and helped reinforce my ideas and commitments. I’m just sharing and relating my experience. This is what I have picked up as a “noob”. We have our online video game community to thank for that word. Noob or newb means, newbie, someone new to an experience or community. I’ll close here with a cute video, Grandma saying her lines, can be like managing your grazing, you just keep trying.

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The health and safety of our family, friends, neighbors and network of social and business partners remains a priority. We know you are receiving a lot of messages and emails about COVID-19 prevention, impact, responses and recommendations.  We just want to briefly let you know, we are planning for a safe future, our programs at this point are scheduled, and will be modified based on recommendations of our partners.

We will be increasing our social media and educational presence during this time.  We are gathering emails for upcoming announcements.  You can be sure you are on our email list, by joining here (link pending).


South Dakota Grassland Coalition to Hold Holistic Resource Management Schools for South Dakota Farm and Ranch


The South Dakota Grassland Coalition will kick off 2020 with two Holistic Resource Management schools for local producers. The first school will be held in Mitchell, SD on January 27-30th with another to follow in Wall, SD on February 10-13th. The schools will be organized in partnership with Crossroads Ranch Consulting and will cover topics ranging from financial management to understanding the connection between ecological processes and ranch profitability.

The upcoming schools are designed to help ranchers expand their knowledge base to cultivate resilient businesses and landscapes. The Crossroads Ranch Consulting schools are interactive so attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other ranchers as well as share their own experiences. This workshop-style classroom setting creates an engaging learning environment and allows attendees to have input on the topics covered. The speakers Roland Kroos and Patrick Toomey will cover principles of Holistic Management that help ranchers improve their businesses from an economic and ecological standpoint.

Roland Kroos trained extensively with Allan Savory, the founder of Holistic Management, beginning in 1985 and started Crossroads Ranch Consulting in 1992. Roland is a certified educator with the Savory Institute and has a degree in Range and Wildlife Management from the University of Nebraska. Roland made sharing the principles of Holistic Resource Management into his life’s work after seeing the impact a holistic approach to ranching can have on families and the landscapes they steward.

Patrick Toomey, a recent addition to Crossroads Ranch Consulting, has a BS in rangeland ecology from the University of Wyoming and has extensive experience as a rangeland manager. After working in the oil and gas industry as a reclamation ecologist, Patrick became a range technician for the InterTribal Buffalo Council (ITBC) where he helped manage over 50 buffalo herds across the country. Patrick trained ITBC herd managers in holistic management principles like managing natural resources to prepare for drought and making soil health a part of every decision made on the landscape. “I am excited and appreciative for the opportunity to help ranchers across the Northern Plains and to educate people on another way to do things and provide and different perspective to their operation,” Patrick Toomey wrote in his bio on the Crossroads Ranch Consulting website.

These educational events are open for all experience levels and will cover a wide range of ideas. Sign up for one of the two schools to learn more about holistic decision making to improve your business, rangeland, and livestock management. “Holistic Resource Management training is a common-sense approach to managing farm and ranch businesses. HRM is the silver bullet our Ag community is looking for,“ said Dan Rasmussen, SDGC Education Coordinator, and Range Consultant.

The Mitchell school will be held at Blarney’s Sports Bar and Grill. The Wall school will take place in the Wall community center. Visit for more information on Holistic Resource Management and the work Roland Kroos and Patrick Toomey have done for farm and ranch producers.

Registration is $200 for members and $230 for non-members. Registration for non-members includes a year membership with the South Dakota Grassland Coalition. Lunch will be provided each day.

To register for the January 27th-30th school in Mitchell, SD, contact Judge Jessop at

To register for the February 10th-13th school in Wall, SD, contact Dan Rasmussen at


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