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Our Amazing South Dakota Grasslands

The “Our Amazing South Dakota Grasslands” campaign was created in 2018 with the goal of better communicating the importance and value of grasslands and soil resources throughout the state. This campaign strives to better show what South Dakota farmers and ranchers are doing to protect and enhance these resources. Each video was created utilizing footage from interviews with South Dakota farmers and ranchers and showcases footage of their farming and ranching operations.

Currently Available Videos:

Campaign Sponsors:

All footage utilized to create these short videos was originally recorded as part of two different projects organized by the SD Grassland Coalition and SD Soil Health Coalition and funded through an agreement with USDA-NRCS and the additional sponsors displayed below. These sponsors have shown their continued commitment to protecting and enhancing Our Amazing South Dakota Resources.

Companion Projects:

Grassland Stewardship Communications Project

The Grassland Stewardship Communications Project was created to communicate the importance of stewardship of South Dakota’s grassland resources and is organized by the SD Grassland Coalition. The 2018 project theme “Successful Grassland Conservationists- The People Managing Grasslands” features content from twelve different ranching operations located throughout the state. Each ranch is assigned its own month in the Grassland Planner and an accompanying video, photos and article have also been produced and will be distributed with each ranch as the subject. The video series is titled “Our Amazing Grasslands”.

SD Soil Stories and Profiles In Soil Health

The SD Soil Stories and Profiles In Soil Health videos are created to promote the use and adoption of soil health practices throughout the state of South Dakota. Their creation is organized by the SD Soil Health Coalition and features farmers sharing their first hand experiences with adopting and utilizing these practices on their operations. Accompanying articles are being created to highlight each farm operation interviewed.

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